The sky was dreary with overcast but our spirits were unaffected by the apparent flirtation from the nymph of dread, the gummy-ish "manok bisaya" and the "dukot"(burnt rice) that was served at Tubac pre-maturely aborted our stay and got us to Gensan earlier on our way Maasim in the province of Sarangani.

Maasim is a 45min ride from Gensan with a picturesque view of the coast of Sarangani Bay. It boast for its rich marine life, turquoise water, amazing drop off and the home of the 73rd IB. Lemlunay Resort is just along the main road, with a consumable entrance of fee of 100/pax, one can enjoy the bay scenery, infinity pool, snorkeling, swimming or just plainly savor the pleasure of doing nothing. The place is the only scuba diving  resort along the coast and also offer hobbie cat at an affordable rate.

Across the resort, perched on a hill is the 73rd IB headquarter, its a military camp cum resort. Through the effort and ingenuity of LTC Adolfo Espuelas Jr. PA, it has become a tourist attraction and the most visited camp in the country. We stayed for the night and was pampered by military hospitality and a casual interaction between civilian and military. We made a courtesy call with the Battalion Commander in the morning and had the privileged of riding the "tanke de guera" while me and Jude went back to Lemlunay for a dive.

If you plan to stay at the 73rd IB camp, be sure to make an advance notice. Buy provisions from Gensan. cook your own food and give generous amount of donation when you leave.


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