Couchsurfing Kadayawan '12 Day3

The Pamulak Floral Float Parade culminated the week long celebration with colorful floriculture display, teeming with Davao blooms and fruits, with stellar accord to the Queen of Philippine Flowers which is the Waling-Waling (Vanda sanderiana).
Traces of excitement were painted on the Couchsurfer's faces as they braced themselves for the much awaited ISLAND BOOZE at Samal Island. Party started in the bus as the booze started to pour.
Possessed by the spirit of Bacchus, the night was heated up with endless "tagay","kampai","proust","salud" , "Tchim-Tchim" or what have you and was literally on fire when the Fire Dancers, courtey of  Mr. George Garcia took center stage with amazing grace and dexterity.
Party went on with wild abandon until the wee hours.

The day after was the time to explore what Samal Island has to offer, though some group opted to go back early to the city to do the whitewater rafting, some visited the Bat cave and  Haguimit falls while some did their introductory scuba diving.

Thank you CS Manila,CS Palawan,CS Cebu,CS Boracay,CS Spain,CS Madagascar,CS Russia, CS USA and CS Germany for sharing your awesomeness with CS Davao.