The Boys of the Trade Wind

The easterly wind swept beach of Dahican is the playground of the famous Amihan Boys. Its monicker is coined from that trade wind and from being on the easternmost part of Davao province.

on a shack where they live
Amihan Boys is not just a team but a family having Kuya Jun as the father figure. They live in a communal shack made of bamboo and nipa by the beach and are taught discipline and the tools that will arm them in the real world. Other than sharing the daily domestic chores, they also are keen in preserving and protecting the marine environment and habitat with the marine turtle in particular. Dugongs and Dolphins can also be seen playing along this pacific coast.

They are kinda rastafarian who love Bob Marley and Jack Johnson with some sporting dreadlocks sans the drugs and alcohol. Its a no no for the boys except for the visitors. They get high skimming and surfing the waves and are gaining recognition and  prominence in both domestic and international scene. The Amihan Boys dominates Philippine skimboarding and bagged the top prize in the recent competition in Penang, Malaysia and in Hongkong through Sonny Boy Aporbo aka Bayogyog.
The Amihan Boys offer Skimboarding and Surfing lessons and allow guests the experience of living with them. Dahican Beach is located in Mati, Davao Oriental. You may contact Sir Jun on this link :