Spigno, Huerto, Tirana

One of the most apparent influences from our colonizers are the foreign words and expressions that has been splattered in our language that we used unbeknownst its origin.  

Much of the words we used are of Spanish origin, some may differ from that of mother Spain because of the link between Philippines and Mexico during the colonial period, some words even turned out to be of Portuguese origin.

In the Cebuano language, SPIGNO, is an expression describing a god forsaken place. My curiosity consulted google and brought me to Italy. There are three Italian places with Spigno attached to it, Spigno Monferrato, a municipality in the province of Alessandria in the Piedmont region.

Another town located in the region of Lazio in Central Italy is Spigno Saturnia in the province of Latina. 

The last is a river with its headwater in the Ligurian province of Savona called Bormida di Spigno.
What cloaked from the distant past of these places that we attributed such grim expression?

Huerto is often heard from the Mananabtan (prayer leader) offering a prayer for the dead. We consciously picture the place as a purgatory of sorts. Huerto is a municipality in the autonomous community of Aragon in the province of Huesca. It can also be translated into English as Orchard .

Mingaw pa sa Tirana literally translated to As forlorn as Tirana. We often used the expression to describe a deserted place. What happened to Tirana in the past that our conquestadores depicted it? By the way, Tirana is the capital city of Albania, a country in Southeastern Europe.
If afterlife is to be believed, I will visit these places to unravel its shrouded mystery if it can't be done in my lifetime. 


  1. Hahahaha! You might have heard it wrong here in out place!
    Espidno (your sphigno) - is a derivative of the spanish word impierno (hell)
    Tirana - is a melancholic song, attributed to the sounds made by a toneless bird, hence it sings a lonely tune.
    Huerto - is spanish for "garden" or "orchard"


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