Up Up and Away - Kite Making Workshop

It was a weekend filled with advocacy, fun, entertainment and amazement as we observed the 4th season of the Tabanog Festival hosted by the dynamic SMSP Batch 80.

The children were taught how to make basic kites with the assistance of the volunteers and parents. It was a great bonding time for father/mother and child making kite and flying together as has been done traditionally. Our kite making/flying knowledge is a hand me down lore from our great grandfathers. It became etched in our neural processes and came out naturally to those with strong traditional influence. Kite flying is our first taste of freedom and the ability to soar, we executed the theory of Aerodynamics before our physics teacher told us what it was. 

The members of the Rotary Club of South Digos happily assisted the kids and had a great time bringing out the child in them. Sumptuous Arrozcaldo was provided and served to the kids compliments of the group. With the experience, the Rotary Club of South Digos promised to do the same next year.