Over my dead BUDDY...

Back when the Y2K bug was buzzing on every cerumen filled ears, I had the chance to afford a Liveaboard Dive trip off to the ultimate diving spot in the Philippines...Tubattaha! . For an adventure such as this, a must have  should be a buddy that you can rely on, keep you away from harm and accident...your lifeline! So. I brought along Aladin Uwatec Pro. Hence, we became inseparable.

Me and my Aladin's relationship didn't verge on dirty even if it were personal and intimate. From the waters of Anilao, the wrecks in Subic, the Sardine Run of Moalboal, the Manta of Malapascua, the lush corals of Balicasag, the uncharted spots of Davao Gulf and the sometime hostile current of Paradise, my buddy didn't fail to infect unparalleled aquatic confidence big time. Diving without Aladdin gives me a creep.

Early this year, it casted an annoying tictack, symptomatic to low battery level. Since battery replacement is done only by Uwatec in Hongkong, I sent my dive computer to the authorized agent in Manila only to find out with horror that the product model has been phased out with no battery replacement accepted. Feels like an avalanche of pyroclastic materials fell and swept on me towards Hades.
dependable Aladin Pro

Like Castor and Pollux, we were twins but neither one of us is immortal that I cannot beg on Zeus to spare my buddy's life to be together forever. I can always look up the sky towards the constellation of Gemini to remind me of the twelve safe adventurous years with my ever dependable Aladin Pro by Uwatec.

Now I put him back to the box from where I took him out to the world of aquatic adventure... Rest in Peace

No Scuba Diving in 4 months now!


  1. why 4 months? why not 2 or 6?

  2. I Had this Same Computer But I think You can Replace Batteries Yourself??? NO Harm in Looking..

    Aloha Mark Scott's Diving VietNam

  3. Hi Czaldy, I remember your buddy. Sabine is still using hers. Should be possible to change batteries yourself. It has been done before.....

  4. Oh Czaldy,
    how sad. I never changed those batteries myself. My buddy will follow yours once batteries are gone, too.

  5. @Holger: i didn't dare to DIY :)

    @Sabine: its the price for rapidly advancing technology, our buddies will be relics :)


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