Of Tabanog,SapiSapi,Saranggola,Banogbanog Kite or what have ya!

Tabanog is a vernacular word for kite which is often played during the months of March to May, in time for the long school break. As technology advances, the art of kite making and flying gently creeps into oblivion giving  unprecedented popularity rise to computer games.

By resuscitating the game before reaching a flatline, the Batch 80 of SMSP conceived the idea of organizing a kite fest together with the all out support of the top honcho of the 27th Infantry Battalion.

The contest has no kite size limits nor age nor residency limits and the registration was free, thus it attracted 33 registered participants mostly from Padada and its environs and one from Digos. Of the 33 registered entries, 9 failed to show up and only 24 entries competed.

27 May 2012...DDAY! The contest was judged by out of towners but with original roots from Padada, namely Alexa Rose Bravo from Butuan, Ann Brussels Garrote now residing in New York and Divina Tenebro  who now resides in Davao City. The kites were judged according to the Design (artistry 20%+Uniqueness20%) 40%, Ease of flight/Take Off 30% and 30% for Gracefullness for a sum of 100%. With the total connivance of Apollo, it was Aeolus who didn't heed the whistling of the kite flyers for the needed gush of wind, all the kites were able to take off though.

Kite #1 by Kim Cervantes, with a colorful box designs emerged as the overall winner, Kite # was a dragon design by Regen Sky came out 2nd place and Dods Maralit with his Butterfly for Kite #13 swooped the 3rd place award. All the winners received a cash prize of Php 2,500.00, Php1,500.00 and Php 1,000.00 respectively with certificates and  pretty trophies courtesy of Vanvi Construction.

With the festival's remarkable success, the organizers are planning for a bigger and more grand Tabanog Festival next year with more fun and prizes at stake. We look forward to more sponsors!

Special thanks to Padada Caltex Station and VCN Copra Buyer.


  1. I once watched a kite festival when I was a kid in our province and I remember that it was done every march up to may as you said. I enjoyed looking at big decorative kits flying higher and higher, and for me it is also a one way of outdoor activity. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Zumi,
    Thanks for dropping by. Kite flying/making is both an art and a skill following aerodynamics and imaginative creation. Too bad its vanishing in lieu of computer games.


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