Yolanda Relief Aftermath

Typhoon Yolanda(Haiyan) was the fiercest storm that battered central Visayas in the Philippines. Its packed with gusts of 235mph, a category five storm and the strongest of them all in the recorded history. It mostly decimated the entire region which cost lives and more lives and properties.

The entire world attention focused on the Philippines' enormous devastation for relief, rescue and retrieval operations. The cry for water,food and medicine from the survivors were urgently delivered by various organizations from different parts of the country and from the international communities.

Tons of bottled water and food in plastic bags were distributed to the affected areas with shiploads more coming their way. The outpouring of support from everyone touches the heart, the Filipino's resiliency caught the admiration of both foreign journalist and relief workers alike.

As the clearing operations from debris and all that stuff that the typhoon brought began, a new problem might arise in the disposal of the tons plastic bags and empty plastic bottles that was brought in from relief operations. I'm clueless on how this coming problem be addressed.