Season4 Tabanog Festival

Over kite tangled free electric wires and tv antennas in the summer of 2012, members of SMSP Batch 80 thought of reviving the dwindling tradition of kite flying. With the help of the 27th IB, the 1st Tabanog Festival was held in May that year. The overwhelming turn-out and creative quality of the participating kites inspired the group to replicate the same in the following years with bigger prizes and new features added such as the Kite Making Workshop for Kids and the Paaway(Kite Fight).
Now on its 4th year of organizing the Tabanog Festival, it has gained recognition from the Kite Association of the Philippines and the Department of Tourism Xl and has caught the attention of the International Kiting community.

This year’s event will have Paaway (kite fight), Flat Creative Kites and 3D Creative Kites as categories for competition with Kite Making Workshop for kids and a free Kiteshow Presentation by Mr. Eric Basit of Pampanga. Moreover, 10% from sponsorship’s receipt will go to the Batch 80 Mangrove Preservation project.

Kite Flying has long been a cultural tradition with knowledge and skill handed from generation, the perpetuity of the tradition has now been hampered by the popularity of passive computer games that uses no brainer creativity. Among the ASEAN countries, we have been left behind in the preservation of the Kite Flying tradition.

Join us in preserving the Kite Flying tradition by watching the event on May 23-24, 2015 at Padada, Davao del Sur. Bring the whole family!