Of Festivals,Weddings and Funerals

 A week on January 2010 were packed like mackerels in a tin can with different emotional degrees of activities. From the hedonistic and bacchanalian party of the festival, to the sober matrimonial ceremony and to the not so melancholic vigils on the wake of my uncle.


Started my day early after imbibing lotsa beer and rum from the Sinulog pre party. The drizzle failed to dampen the street party spirit as people flocked in all the roads designated as the parade routes.  The familiar visceral beat of the drums reverberates infectiously to the crowd and as much more to the parade participants as they swayed and gyrated tireless with such gracefulness and synchronization as they performed their own Sinulog dance interpretation, the PIT SEÑOR chant resonates in every corners.  Nature connived as the sun appeared with all its glaring glory, more crowd poured in that it reached to a whooping  8 million people.
Sinulog is the mother of all the festivals in the country. The Sinulog dance is performed in honor and or in invoking favor from the patron saint of Cebu, the Señor Santo Niño. It has been an old practice performed by some women at the Basilica Minore de Santo Niño grounds and has become a big celebration and a major tourist attraction 30 years hence. Its religious significance which is focal to the celebration draw millions of devotees from all over the country.

A way to celebrate festivals is to be with energetic bunch like the Cebu Couchsurfing group. It was kind of reunion with Ryan,Josh,Gringo and the Cebu group after we had a blast last October in
 Bacolod for the Masskara. CS people came in trickle to the supposed meeting place but was surprisingly barred getting inside clueless. We took a long and circuitous walk to Ayala Mall and met up with the Lawyer,Gringo,Ryan and Sean. Bought our Tanduay and came back to the rendezvous and was allowed to get in after much prodding but the rest of the CS peeps were denied the entry. We still manage to get a blast though.

As the rays of the sun was slowly devoured darkness, we started walking towards the buffet resto to fill our alcohol filled guts with food and then proceeded to Ayala Mall grounds to watch the awesome multi thousand pesos fireworks display. Party continued at the Outpost as everyone were infected with alcohol and the live music in total abandon and ended the night with some BBQ at the Larsians.

Silently left Sebastian's pad early in the morning to meet up with Josh and Gringo at the Cebu South Bus Terminal on our way to Moalboal to visit our good buddy Tom and Shayne. It was a two hours bus ride passing old towns, travel time passed quickly as have been engrossed by the beautiful landscapes along the way. The waters of Basdiot was so inviting that snorkeling is of priority than lunch. We swam the reef fringed waters looking for some turtles. Tom glided down with grace like an aquaman with gills and found his turtle friend. Panagsama is a barrio which is the center for the diving activities, restaurants and bars dotted along the coastline with diverse international choices. The boys were taking turns playing billiards while i wallowed my old time fav...Tanduay.

We headed back to the city after 2 days. Changed clothes in one of the toilets of Ayala mall and walked my way to Marriott for the wedding of my college buddy. It was an old dormant romance rekindled by the power of the internet. They were both based in the US but had no communications for several years, Eros became tech savvy and helped them find each other again over the world wide web.

Met up with my sister who flew in from Davao at Pier 1 the morning after and proceeded to Bohol for the wake of my uncle. The brunt of the week long intoxication has taken its toll and slept the whole afternoon in my cousin's house to wake up with more rum waiting as cousins arrived. A barrio of cousins were soon introduced which my liver imbibed gladly. On the funeral day, we had invitation for a fiesta at La Paz. We attended the funeral rites early in the afternoon until my uncle was entered into his eternal resting place.From the cemetery, we directly went to another cousins house for the fiesta, food and booze were overflowing but had limited time to partake 'em all as we need to catch the midnight boat from Tubigon to Cebu for our early morning flight home.

The rough landing of the airplane disturbed my deep slumber, disembarked safe but exhausted...time for a liver break.