A night in Puerto Princesa

Spent a night in the capital city of the province of Palawan from El Nido en route to Cebu and Davao. Puerto Princesa is the gateway to the Philippine's last frontier, the city is also dubbed as the "City within a forest" but the crawling of steel and concrete buildings inside its core are obviously evident that its title would soon be a misnomer.

After the long grueling ride from El Nido, stepping inside Banwa Pension House invigorates the battered senses. Lush garden, homely atmosphere complimented by the accommodating and friendly staffs makes one feel in the right place. Just like most traditional Filipino homes - shoes,sandals or flipflops are not allowed inside. Its interior are embellished with tribal arts and decors with "Sungkaan" in the middle of the lobby and a free WiFi for the tech savvy. Five thumbs up for Banwa Pension House(http://www.banwa.com/)... a truly oasis within the city.


pic by Olay

We didn't pass the night without feeling the pulse of Puerto Princesa. First stop...KALUI- the most famous and best valued restaurant in town.Your Palawan visit won't be complete without dining in this cozy restaurant. Do make prior reservations(landline (048) 433 2580 mobile +63 928 753 9621) as the place is always packed with diners.CHAOLONG is also a must when one is in PP, its a Vietnamese beef stew noodles. Vietnamese stalls are scattered around the city owing to the fact that it once host to many refugees from Vietnam.
pic by Ellyn


It was also the night hunt for the infamous TAMILOK   
which is a worm-like mollusk found on rotting mangrove trees. Too bad KINABUCH ran out of supply for the night to the relief of our German friend. Weariness was almost taking its toll and one suggested to go some place to pump up the energy. We came across Ms Kookee or "Spukee" bar, the bouncer was a hot sexy chick geared up for a hot S&M. The only bar I knew in the country with four toilets for each sexual orientations. We danced the night away until we heard the bed calling. 
pic by Dess
pic by Ellyn
pic by ellyn

pic by Ellyn

Woke up for Chaolong breakfast, head to the airport and flew to Cebu.