Death of Magellan
For three centuries of Spanish tyranny, the Filipinos are the only Iberian subject who doesn't speak the language to the surprise of some foreigners. It isn't because my forefathers slew Magellan and as a consequence, Español  wasn't taught but rather due to the benevolent assimilation campaign when tyranny in the country was handed over to the Americans. The "Kano" brought shipload of Thomasites expurgating everything Spanish thus, it made us "the only english speaking country in Asia", had faith wasn't twisted, we could have been "the only spanish speaking country in Asia".
"learn from the Thomasites or the American Soldiers will kill you"

Not everything is lost as we can always hear some Spanish words incorporated in our language even with invectives without consciously knowing it. Take the word LECHE, it literally means milk in Spanish but why are we using it as an expletive? little did we know that it also colloquially means semen. In Cebuano we say "lecheng yawa" which translates to "devil's cum". Another cuss word is PUÑETA. We can often hear people say "ai puñeta" or "puñeta animal". The Urban Dictionary says "
This is derivative of the spanish word for fist 'puño', where la puñeta is defined as the thing you do with your fist. i.e. fisting off which is considered vulgar because it ellicits an image of a man stroking his penis with his fist to a point of climax". The most commonly used of all is PUTA as in "putang ina" obviously means "bitch" or "whore". Now that we know the etymology of this cuss words, we can now throw such expletives in a deliberate passionate manner.

Puto with Sikwate
Puto is a steamed rice cake, an all time favorite with tsokolate or dinuguan but it means "male prostitute" in Spanish. The sponge like cake we call Mamon is called Magdalena in Spain. Now, I found the connection, Magdalena connotes a "bar girl" in PH and Mamon means "big tits" in Spain, putting the two words together... "Magdalena's big tits" or "tetas grandes de Magdalena".  When you see this muffin in Spain, don't ask for "mamon' or you be slapped or pierced with scornful look.

Coño originally means vagina, cunt or pussy. Often heard spoken in the Philippines as a curse or expression by Mestizos or by the rich people. Although this word has evolved with a different meaning, since it's usually heard from rich people in the society, the word "coño" now commonly refers to someone who's rich,wealthy,classy or brat or a manner of speaking, it could be in a negative or positive tone depends on how the word is used.
super coño

mega coño