Sacred Caldera

The placidity of Lake Holon was roused by an explosion sometime in 1995,  perpetuated by some imbecile treasure hunters who believed that some Yamashita treasure were hidden under the lake's bed, thus prompted them to blast a portion of its wall to drain the water and take the booty. A full force of raging water gushed down to the lowland unsparingly wrecked havoc along its path devastating villages,farmlands and the lives of hundreds.

Legend has it that Unsak, a T'boli witch has prophesied doomsday and her band where chosen to ascend into heaven, thus leading them to the navel of the hinterland and  into the lake, they jumped into it upon a promise of  eternal life. No one heard about them since then. The lake was named Holon which means portal to heaven as the folks believed.

Parentica donatti
At 1400m above sea level, its one of the most idyllic lakes and adjudged as the cleanest in the entire 7,107 islands. The lake sits on the caldera of Melibengoy aka Parker spanning 2.9km wide with steep walls rising from 200-500m. It is a tributary of five rivers including Allah River. Host to a specie of butterfly - Parentica donatti reyesi discovered by the late Prof Josue de los Reyes of Notre Dame of Marbel University and was published in the Entomological Journal of Senckerberg Research Institute of Germany in 1994. Been heaving the net for a photo out of curiosity with nothing but found one of the same genus. Perhaps it gives a close resemblance.

Lake Holon/Mt Parker is located in the municipality of T'boli. You can get a van or jeepney to get to the township from Marbel or Suralah. Salacafe is the barrio where the jump off point is, a 30min habalhabal ride from the poblacion. One can either opt to walk or hire a mule towards the summit. The trail going down to the lake is challenging, steep with thick vegetation, the exposed roots are there for hanging on when the going gets tough. Temperature can bring shivers to your bone, so bring proper clothing and not to forget the booze.

Make it in your bucket list. Be mesmerized and rejuvenated by the beauty of nature, feel the sacredness and get intoxicated :)