TINUY-AN FALLS  We started our journey from Padada, Davao del Sur to Bislig, Surigao del Sur via Cuevas. It is the shortest route to get to Bislig, but the unpaved road held us from going full throttle thus it gave us ample time to appreciate the spectacular view along the mountain pass until reaching the eastern coast of Bislig. The falls is situated in Bgy. Burboanan which is about an hour ride through rough road and rustic scenery. The sound of the thundering water cascading down from 55m high directly surges the adrenaline. Its not just a tall waterfalls but is wide as well...95m, probably the widest in the country. Surrounded by thick rainforest vegetation, makes the place splendid and can hold one breathless.

I never been to Niagara Falls so i can not call Tinuy-an as its diminutive. My molars start to ache signalling to run amok whenever I hear people call it by its moniker! Tinuy-an is Tinuy-an!!!

Approximated Travel Time : 8 hrs
Approximated Distance      : 268 km (Padada-Bislig)
Entrance Fee                      : Php 50/pax

ENCHANTED RIVER Further north along the Pacific coast is a quaint town of Hinatuan. Nestled in obscurity, one can feel its glorious past as evident by its centennial  Hispanic church and the ancestral houses, its like frozen in time. "I feel like somewhere in South America" as my Irish guest remarked. The town's waste management is impressive and worth the emulation. Plastics are banned, old newspapers are used for wrapping in any items purchased in the market, drainage system are clog free from plastics and the inhabitants take waste segregation seriously.

Upon the recommendation of Rv of , we stayed for the night at Marky's Hostel. A clean and decent place with a homey atmosphere. It is a concept of Mark, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Salvaleon who is working in the UK. Sir Toto and Ma'am Lumen runs the place with personal touch. Though Ma'am Lumen was in Cebu at that time, Sir Toto prepared for our accommodation and treated us with a most genuine hospitality. We found a HOME in Hinatuan at MARKY'S HOSTEL!

Approximated Travel Time: 37 min
Approximated Distance     : 47 km (Bislig-Hinatuan)

After a breakfast of 3n1 coffee and Pan de Sal, we bid farewell to Sir Toto and headed to the Enchanted River which is about 12.3 km away from the town center. On the night at the hostel, I asked a local what was the river called prior to its publicity and commercialization but he was as clueless as me. Eventually got some fabled stories about the nymphs and the dwarfs who inhabit the river, rumor has it that a mermaid appeared to a lady doing her laundry by the river. True to its eponym, you will get enchanted upon seeing the river tuck in lush vegetation with its crystal clear blue water, visibility is roughly about 30m and its like a sinkhole which reminded me of the Cenotes with marine fishes abound. Everything is perfect except for the fish feeding as it disrupts the fish's normal feeding habit and diet and make them beggars and will eventually become aggressive with people.

Approximated Travel Time : 35 min
Approximated Distance      : 12.3 km (Hinatuan-Enchanted River)
Entrance Fee                      : Php 30/pax

BRITANIA GROUP OF ISLANDS With 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippine archipelago, 25 of which are located in San Agustin. I even wondered if these islands are included in the official 7,107 figure due to its remote proximity from the capital.

The night before heading to Enchanted River, we decided to skip Britania due to time constraint . Perhaps one of the river nymphs whispered something to the ear of our treasurer that prompted her to forgo with the original plan to the excitement of the rest of the groups. The group of islands are visible upon approaching San Agustin, you gotta support on your jaw from dropping with awe. This could have been the beauty we missed!

We were guided near the local government unit's footbridge and hired an outrigger for an island hopping. Out of the 25 islets, we only visited four. Think of Daniel Defoe and Robinson Crusoe will come to flesh in you upon stepping on any of the islands. The islands are all postcard perfect with clear turquoise water with white talc-ish sand consistency. To the Survivor series wannabes and cam whores...The place to be!

Do we really have an official list of the names of the 7,107 islands that makes up the Philippines? if so, I need to have a copy.

Approximated Travel Time : 57mins
Approximated Distance      : 69.4 km (Enchanted River- San Agustin)
Island Hopping                 : Php 1,500/boat
Entrance Fee                    : N A D A

We avoided backtracking going back to bypass the bumpy road at Cuevas and detoured from Barobo towards San Francisco in Agusan. Skipped to say hello to Lolong (largest croc in captivity) in Bayugan with the hope of meeting some of his minions along the road, naahhh, we were in a hurry to catch a birthday dinner at a friend's house.

Approximated Time Travel : 7 hr
Approximated Distance      : 312 km

We covered four provinces in 2 days and one night, cruising a total distance of  approximately 708.7km with an approximate total travel time of 17hrs and 15min. Lesson learned...not all cities have Jollibee, Bislig doesn't :).