For barely two years now, the Local Government Unit of the Municipality of Loon, Bohol is subtly grabbing a slice in the province's tourism pie through its conservation and preservation efforts of its vast mangrove forest and its simian denizen.
The Mangrove Macaques (Macaque fascicularis) Also known as the Crab-eating macaque, This species is ideally suited to the demanding habitat conditions imposed by mangroves. The Long-tailed macaque is an excellent swimmer (unlike gibbons and langurs which abhor water) and is able to cross mangroves channels in search of new foraging sites. This primate spend a good deal of its time on the ground and  mudflats where it feeds on crabs, encrusting oyster, mudskipper, seeds, fruits, seedlings and fallen leaves. While the macaque can negotiate the seemingly impossible tangle of mangrove roots, when it wants to flee rapidly it usually does so in the mangrove canopy.
 About 20 individuals claimed territory over this certain mangrove portion which can be accessibly viewed up close via a boardwalk that goes into the middle of the forest. Feeding of the monkeys is only done by an assigned staff, guest are not allowed to do so as to not making them beg aggressively. The entrance fee is Php30/pax and is refundable if one is unable to see the macaques.

Accessibly located along the National Road in Brgy. Cantomucad. If you are coming from Tubigon, it is after the town of Calape before hitting Loon. A ferry from Argao shuttles to Loon direct and vice versa but the ferry was under repair when I got there thus failed to sip and taste the Tuba and Torta of Argao.

Made a sidetrip to the town of Clarin and was able to visit Binaliw Falls. Its a small falls but vegetation is verdant with an enchanting feel.

 Towering over the landscape of Calape is the head-turner church of San Vicente Ferrer, described as the epitome of Bohol Gothic. 

The Abatan river of Cortez never failed to captivate that its open sunset invitation needs no heed.

There is more to Bohol than the Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers...