7, 107 reasons for Thanksgiving

Being once considered as  the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines was a magnet for invasion and domination, attracting forces from different poles of the earth. It was the Iberian conquestadores who subjugated the Filipinos for the longest period and then came along the Americans who made every subject subservient as well.

300 years in a convent, 50 years in Hollywood would best describe the Pinoy psyche. The great influence both countries instilled in us are evident in our day to day lives and environs. The word "colonial mentality" has become non derogatory but is a cry of the patriots.

Of all the American influences, Thanksgiving is one popular American holidays not being celebrated in the country. Perhaps it is being celebrated in some posh villages but to majority of the Pinoys who grew up with fiestas, its unheard of.

 Pinoys who are into the social media has the privileged of voyeuring other people's lives will notice a surge of Thanksgiving greetings and pictures of glazed turkeys and plenitude made by paisans. With these trend, it is imminent that Thanksgiving will be commercially celebrated in the Philippines in the not too distant future.

Birthdays, New Year, Valentines, Holy Week, Mother's/Father's day, Easter, Eid Ul Ftr, Independence Day, Halloween, Kalagkalag (todos los santos), Thanksgiving, Christmas plus big fiestas like Sinulog, Kadayawan,Masskara and patron saints fiestas in every towns and GKKs and also considering every barrios, towns and cities charter day celebrations, not a day in the Philippines without Thanksgiving.

With 7,107 reasons to Party, Its more fun in the Philippines!
photo from Orlee Ninon

Happy Thanksgiving anyway! :)