How to throw End of the World Party

Its been barely a month before the Mayan calendar will complete its full cycle, Nostradamus' prophetic vision will flash before our eyes and Terence McKenna's psychedelic oracle will revolutionize our spirituality and bring about a new paradigm shift and consciousness.

The most popular interpretation of 21.12.12 is of Armageddon, an inevitable cataclysmic event that shrouded the people with fear and dread. Whatever one's interpretation is, the day to perdition is one hell of  reasons to celebrate as we usher in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. By the way, it also falls on a Friday so...TGIF! 

TIP #1 : Plan your guest list
If this really is your last day in the face of the world, spend it with the people you dig in deeply. Leave the sycophants and the annoying worthless rubbishes, the douchebags and the killjoys off from the invite list to ensure not wasting those precious energy. Take time to profoundly engage with your guests and re-cap all the best years in your lives. Express love, affection and encourage group hugs and unending kampai!

TIP#2 Plan your location
You don't want to be in the backseat when all these once in every 26,000 years galactic spectacle unfolds or  when the mega vulcano spew pyroclastic materials mushrooming to the heavens nor miss to witness the Richter scale breaking earthquake coupled with a monstrous tsunami. Be on a high ground or in a vast plain with no obstruction if ever these doomsday stuff will happen, in case it doest, be blessed to be one of the first persons to be kissed by the first sunrise in the Age of Aquarius. As the song goes..."Let the Sunshine In".

TIP#3 Plan your time 
The apocalyptic time is set on 21.12.12 at exactly 11.11 UTC around 7:00PM in our time zone. Be on the location a couple of hours before to settle everything as you anticipate the unfolding of the End Time. You cannot outlive the next Baktun...don't be late.

TIP#4 Plan your gears
Any clothing that can protect you from the night chill and dawn mist, Flashlight not fleshlight, music player with speaker, camera, airtight containers to seal in your memory cards, it will become an archaeological artifacts to the rapture survivors, inflatables or surfboards for the tsunami ride.

TIP#5 Plan your music
The sounds you play must be fitting for the occassion such as:
1. Age of Aquarius...Let the sunshine in - 5th Dimension
2. It's the End of the World as you know it - REM
3. We didn't start the fire - Billy Joel
4. Final Countdown - Europe
5. The End of the world - Skeeter Davies
6. Maybe its not the End of the World - Twisted Melons
7. Party at the end of the world - Jimmy Buffett
8. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
9. Our Ship's Sinking - Rick Springfield
10. 'till the World Ends - Britney Spears   etc etc etc
The music of Enya or any World Music is appropriate too.

Uninhibited party attitude and booze,booze,booze and lotsa booze is a must though. If the world would really end, at least it will be a party with no hangover!