BRGY. NCO...They Clean as they Go

The feast of the Santo Niño is one of the most celebrated festivities in the Philippines.  Sinulog Fever spread like virus that no amount of quarantine can stop its contagion. We have witnessed throng of people on the street for piety and religious fervor or for mere skittish hedonism.

Our Friends in Cebu

2015 ushered in with important religious significance by the visit of Pope Francis. Millions of people flocked to get a glimpse or just be a part of the church’s historic moment.
Our friends in Tacloban

Just as multitude of people gathered in one place, evidence of littered rubbishes mantling the venue become its predictable aftermath.

Our locality isn’t exempt from the “throw away” mentality with the apparent trash scattered all over the municipal ground after the Paindigay presentation. Which left me to think that this mentality is genetically loaded by default in our DNA. The notion was utterly debunked by the initiative of Brgy. NCO, cleaning up their area as they go. Such exemplary deed is highly laudable and gives us a ray of hope for a cleaner Padada.
the aftermath

Cleaning up our surroundings isn’t an exclusive domain of the maintenance person but rather a responsibility that emanates within US. If we dearly revere Señor Santo Niño who gave us the world, it is very fitting that we must reciprocate his love by clutching responsibility in taking care of his life giving gift.
#letsdoitPH #iam5million

#letsdoitPH, #iam5million

Join Let’s Do It Philippines movement and be one of the volunteers to free our locality with illegal trash. Visit  or you may contact 09157137109 for more information.