Fili Equi Bricum

Sprawling on the foothills of the mighty Mt. Apo at 1,600 ASL, surrounded by forest, mantled with mist and cloaked with mysticism is the Kingdom of Moncado Alpha and Omega or popularly known as New Israel in Makilala, North Cotabato.

The community was founded sometime in the 50's by Maximino Sandot Guibernas, who brought with him a nationalistic-patriotic quasi religious organization called the Moncado Alpha and Omega World Peace Crusaders Missionaries, Inc. better known as the Moncadista. Akin to the Amish, the Moncadistas lived together on the same mythical belief but has adopted modernization in contrast with the former.

My guide to the healing river was Dodoy, originally from Sultan Kudarat who came to New Israel at his own volition to be indoctrinated with the teachings of Moncado. The water in the river believed to be a panacea as medical and basic services are hard to come by in the early days. Dodoy's piety and knowledge of the sect gave him some respect in the community and is actively advocating organic farming and the protection of his environment.

The community is now open to all people who wanted to visit the place, it became an eco-tourism adventure park that has a zip line for a perfect thrill and aerial view of the expanse of the community. The most amazing experience in New Israel is the interaction with our simian brothers. The macaques roamed freely in the barrio center and has been a part of the community.

New Israel launched the 1st Eco-Tourism Camp last May 28-30, 2015 supported by the Provincial Government of North Cotabato and organized by Mr. Jojo Dofiles. It positioned the place to be one of the tourism destination of the province and an alternative route to Mt. Apo.

Getting there: Bus/Van that ply the Davao-Cotabato route. Took the non-aircon bus for 35pesos. just tell the bus conductor to drop you off New Israel. Going up is a habalhabal ride for 80pesos a trip which can be divided into a number of pax. Air conditioned van will stop at the junction as well.