Up Up and Away - 3D Kite Competition

The crowed poured in amidst the sweltering solar heat and were loftily dazzled by the colorful and intricately designed kites of the Tabanog Festival Season 4.

Season 4's Kite entries has leveled up with  more artistic design and bigger sizes compared to that of the previous years. The amazing intricate designs of the different kites stunned the audience in awe with overflowing appreciation.

This year's activity was bolstered by the presence of no less than the Regional Director of the Department of Tourism, Mr. Robby Alabado, who flew his kite before judging the competition. Other selected judges were Mr. Jonathan Josol of the Kite Association of the Philippines and Capt. Rey Canlobo of the Echo Coy, 72nd IB.

Kites were judged according to the intricacy of the design and its ability to fly. A cash prize of   Php 7,000 and trophy was awarded to Jay Escosa of Roscom Village, Almendras Dist., Padada for topping the contest. His kite entry was Sr. San Miguel. The Turtle of Mr. Eusebio Cervantes from the same district pocketed Php 5,000 while Mr. Bongski Lanticse brought home Php 3,000 for the 3rd prize for his Zebra entry.

The Kite of the year was awarded to the Sultan Brothers for their Ferrari F1 Kite. It was the audience's favorite whose intricacy of the design stood out among the rest. It made a perfect launch but unfortunately failed to maintain the mandatory 3min flying as God Aeolus wasn't on its favor.

Other crowd pleaser entries were that of Kim Cervantes (Pegasus), Julito Buenaflor (Unicorn), Sultan Brothers (SpiderMan), El Drago of Ardiente Brothers and the Manananggal of Nonoy Tugnao.

Watch out for Tabanog Festival Season 5 next year. It will be a much bigger fun filled event for the whole family.